First of all…

Druids. Who are they? What are they doing? And, is Druidry still relevant?Image

The Druids were known as the ”Sages of the Forest”. While that seems to not say much, it tells us more than we might see at first. What a sage would be, is pretty much established: one who is learned, astute, and most of all a sage is wise.

But what about the forest part?

Well, for the druids – and the Celts in general – trees were thought to hold the knowledge of the universe. Particularly trees that grow very old like the oak and the yew were the keepers of the history of the land, rooted firmly in it.

But at the same time, they reach into the sky with their branches, into the infinite, and with that in the future of things. Being able to communicate with the trees, which also were seen as the hosts of the divine, allowed the Druids to learn about the past and see into the future.

So, being “of the forest” basically meant to be attuned to the universe, to the spirit, the numinous, and drawing the wisdom from this environment of many trees.

I have heard a number of definitions for Druidry. The one I like most is: Druids are “Spiritual Philosophers.” Therein lies its relevancy, and I shall explore the many levels of meanings of this definition in future posts…

Until then,

Yours under a finally warming sun


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