In the beginning…

Salzburg…there was Light, or the Word, depending on the translation. Or First Jaguar. Maybe Eagle who brought the light from the Altai Mountains. The Turtle. Or Fintan, who turned into Salmon when the flood came.

Religious people usually pick one of these traditions, and everything what comes after them, and use them as valuable guidance for their lives. Unfortunately, some end up defending their traditions as the only ones leading to the truth, the only “right” ones, defending them more often than not with some kind or level of violence.

This is where the “Spiritual Philosophers,” as I defined the Druids in my last blog entry, differ (mind you, one can be such a spiritual philosopher without being a Druid.) A Druid, as much as s/he is rooted in his/her own traditions, knows that these traditions are not the only ones out there, and certainly not the only path to the truth.

Druids not only know that, they contemplate these different truths. That is was actually makes them philosophers. They look at the various kinds of stories like the one about the human genesis, and wonder what they have in common. Not what’s different about them, which one might be “wrong.”

Philosophizing about our spiritual origin or any other spiritual topic means to be open-minded to the meaning of the story rather than its hi-story.

Sure, Druids use rituals and ceremonies in their work, and much of what they do comes from pagan Europe. But not only does that not mean that Druids would not be able to choose any and all other traditions in their work, the rituals and ceremonies have an entirely different purpose than “being traditional.”  They are meant to raise energy, to make the Druids’ efforts – and that could be as simple as contemplating the different genesis stories of the peoples in the world – more meaningful. And more powerful.

That’s what I personally appreciate about Druidry, that it goes beyond of having a choice, that it is about contemplating the meanings of the choices, leaving the mundane action of choosing behind.

What is that good for? That’ll come next.

For now I am yours under a starry night…


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