What It’s All About

Fog in SalzburgSo, what would spiritual philosophy be good for? Why would someone contemplate things like the commonalities of different mythological accounts of the beginning of time?

Well, it’s interesting, even fun (for people like me.) Makes for a good past time when staring into a fire and sipping a glass of red wine.

But that’s not what Druidry is about. Druidry is also hands on. After all, the Druids of old were doctors, judges, brewers, gatekeepers to the otherworld, ambassadors, historians, geologists, astronomists, story tellers, and more than anything: counselors to the clan and tribal leadership. Some of them even of the kings and queens of the old Celtic kingdoms, shaping the fate of their people.

Now, all those “jobs” of the Druids had both a spiritual and a mundane aspect. The polarity of those two aspects was not even known back then, way before Enlightenment. Like with nature, everything else was numinous too, something we re-learn from indigenous and shamanic cultures today.

Back then, this was the normal course of business, and Caesar called the Celts therefore “religiomissimi.” This was not the “I know what God wants” kind of religiosity we so often are confronted with today, but a natural one, a true belief that everything has a profane and a spiritual aspect. For the Celts, truth was something beyond the dimension of what could be experienced with the senses alone, and needed the Otherworldly vantage point as well to become knowledge.

It would be a narrow path, though, to consider the spiritual aspects of the topics a modern Druid could counsel about, without falling into the trap of religious fundamentalism.

But one could try, couldn’t one? And this is where “spiritual philosophy” as described in the last post comes in really handy. It’s taking all aspects into consideration when counseling, without stuffing religious beliefs down the readers throats.

So, this is what I would like the relevance of this blog to be: Druidic counsel (in the above sense) on today’s issues.

There are many and I don’t even know where to start.

Until then…

Yours in the mist between the worlds


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