May There Be Peace…

DruidenFeuerWhen Bards, Ovates, and Druids cast circles in which they do their work, they usually ask for the support of the powers of the four directions.
I see my office at the Pine Street Inn, a Boston homeless service agency, not only as my work place, but my work there as part of Druidry as well. And therefore I cast a circle and conduct a morning ritual.  Every day.

The rite concludes with: May there be peace in the East, may there be peace in the South, may there be peace in the West, may there be peace in the North, and may there be peace in the whole world.

I did the same thing last Monday, April 15th, Patriots Day. Roughly a mile from Copley Square and a particular stretch of Boylston Street in Boston.

The thing is, when I asked for peace in the four corners of the world, I visualized Korea for example, Africa and such. I did not have the final stretch of the Boston Marathon in mind.

Now I feel like I failed by not having asked for peace right in the city where I live with my family. I failed a father of a now dead boy the same age as my daughter, and of a daughter who lost a limb, and who is as old as my son. And all the others who are now dead, maimed, traumatized.

Why wasn’t I thinking of the immediate neighborhood, that one mile perimeter within which it all happened? Was it complacency? A false sense of security?

I know, it sounds pompous to even think that I – one little person in this vast universe – could have prevented the loss of lives, limbs, and souls that day by simply turning westwards (the direction in which the bomb blasts happened as seen from my office) and asking for peace there. I know that, thank you very much.

But then again, isn’t believing in ones powers, and in the power of the universe, exactly what spirituality is all about? Am I not supposed to think exactly along those lines? After all, it’s what people like Rolling Thunder do when they are dancing for rain? Or how Dr. Mikao Usui came up with Reiki. And wasn’t this exactly what an extremely spiritually attuned young Jew did 2013 years ago?

Can I change the stars of others?

Can you?

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3 Responses to May There Be Peace…

  1. Genni )O( says:

    But the nuclear bomb in North Korea WASN’T tested on Monday as was feared………………….THAT’S what you were concentrating on!! You could have helped to prevent thousands of lives being lost in a war – who knows?? It’s possible! Ease up on yourself, Brother, we can ALL make a difference, no matter how small – the Universe works in mysterious ways, with a purpose we don’t always see initially. Genni )O( (Witchcraft, Paganism & Wiccan – Facebook)

  2. Genni…thanks for the nice words, however dangerous they could turn out to be when my head doesn’t fit through the door any more 🙂
    But I agree, the greater purpose of our actions are usually behind the veil to the Otherworld…

  3. nxnw1980 says:

    I have a problem in asserting that peace exists where it does not.
    In my life, I have decided to find some way to provide Service to my community-the city and county I live in, that suffers from poverty, a growing housing crisis, desperation and 50-250 overdose deaths per year. I can’t fix most of this, so I will apply what skills I can.
    Green forests and blue skies!

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