Happy New Year

Stonehenge VisitWhen the Earth Mother gave birth to the new light on Sunday, December 21st 2014, a new year began, and much has changed since I started this blog, “The Weekly Druid.” Not only did I achieve an existential goal on my own path of Druidry in the past year, I also celebrated my 50th anniversary in this my current incarnation. Of course, I had to give myself a huge gift on that occasion, and so I travelled to England in early summer of 2014, visited Stonehenge, and participated in the also 50th anniversary of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids in Glastonbury.

During my annual journey to my home country of Austria, I officiated my sister’s wedding in a grove overlooking one of the beautiful lakes near Salzburg (think Sound of Music) and shortly thereafter I participated in yet another Druid assembly, the US East Coast Gathering in Pennsylvania.

My book on traces of Celtica in Alpine lore and folk customs, and how one can integrate these in one’s own shamanic practice, was published in September, and I am working feverishly on the translation into English. If all goes well, that might come out sometime in fall of this year. At the same time I invited my aging father to write a cook book with me, in which we suggest traditional Austrian recipes for meals in harmony with the eight stations on the Wheel of the Year. Hopefully we can publish that fairly soon. A lot of cooking had to be done to photograph all the meals…

All these accomplishments and changes informed a decision of mine, to also write in this blog about matters where I hope that my knowledge and insight may help others with their struggles through that vast expanse – and sometimes void – we call life.

It has always been a goal of mine with this blog to also comment on topics from the news, as well as on things that pop up in social networks. I have done that previously a couple of times, but now I am at a point where I want to get into that more often.

Why would my comments on news, trends, and life as such be different from any other olde blog on the Internet? Because these are the musings of a Druid, and as such they are also informed by the Otherworld. Just as the Druids of old may have gathered their clan or tribe to discuss and counsel on important matters regularly on the day of the Sun, I would like to be of service in this way to you, the reader of this blog.

Stay tuned for more, and many blessings

Abfalter /|\

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