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Coming of Age Ritual

As a new component of my personal service to the community as a Druid, I thought I would share some rituals I have written and conducted. To start with, here is one celebrating the passage of a youth into adulthood. … Continue reading

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Druid Gatherings – A Case for Order-Membership

  Last weekend, more than a hundred members of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids (OBOD) and guests gathered in the Poconos forests of Pennsylvania, for the annual OBOD East Coast gathering. Over four days, our time was filled … Continue reading

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Dr. Who and How We Think of Our “Self”

So word is out that the 13th incarnation of Dr. Who is in a female body. And with this announcement came the oh so predictable shit-storm. Dr. Who – a woman? The outcries reverberate through servers worldwide, make the guts … Continue reading

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That Spell – A General Discussion

Recently, many of us in the Pagan community have been invited to participate in a particular activity of witchcraft: casting a pre-designed spell to promote change in the current US administration. We were invited to participate in a worldwide effort to … Continue reading

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Open #NoDAPL Letter to President Obama

There is so much going wrong with the situation at Standing Rock! I am terribly appalled at to what length politicians and law enforcement go to hurt people. People they have vowed to represent and to protect. Therefore, I have … Continue reading

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Contemplating Death

In his volume “Barddas”, the 18th century author (amongst other things), Edward Williams, to many better known as Iolo Morganwg, lists several versions of a prayer that since has become a standard element in rites of Druids and Druid orders, … Continue reading

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Alban Elfed – Lament for the End of Summer

In the Alps, particularly in Austria, farmers still keep their livestock high up on mountain pastures called Almen (singular: Alm) over the summer months. There, cattle and other grazing farm animals are held rather loosely to regenerate from the winter … Continue reading

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